Beau had his first blog as beau de jour – the journal of a man who loves women and pays them for sex. It was inspired by the well known blog belle de jour – the diary of a London call girl.

This blog described his experiences and his relationship with an independent escort. He closed the blog in deferrence to her.

Much later he started a new blog Beau.

This is a tongue in cheek blog celebrating submissive women and with a light bdsm feel. It is also a showcase for some of his erotic writings.

More recently he has joined with the delightful dragonfly in a new project. This is a website called Dragonfly Geisha. It is in its early stages but has a fascinating new concept. Do pop in now and again to see how it is progressing – or to request to take part.

There is a Dragonfly Geisha blog attached which includes some delightful erotic writings.

So do visit some of the blogs – and don’t forget to say ‘Hi‘ if you like anything you see. Beau and Dragonfly are always delighted to hear from you.

Beau has now started a new blog as Pygar called The Kind Dom to discuss issues of domination and submission more seriously.


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